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Pharm Pharm Medical
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Pharm Pharm Medical

Pharm Pharm Medical is Your Preferred Medical Supplier. Located at Gumtree Complex, Lugaganeni, Manzini, Eswatini. We offer quality and affordable products sourced from our international suppliers. We also offer niche exciting products which are not easily attainable in the Swazi market. We have a diverse selection of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Disposables & Equipment.

Our Products & Services

Hospital Incinerator
Hospital Incinerators burn waste produced by hospitals, veterinary facilities, and medical research facilities.

Gloves, Gynaecological, Obstetrics
High quality gloves and equipment for specialist gynaecology and obstetrics.

Medical fridges
Medical-grade refrigerators maintain superior temperature stability, creating fewer deviations from the set point and avoiding rapid, significant changes in temperature.

Theatre Wear
A wide range of high quality and comfortable operational theatre wear and uniforms.

Hospital Furniture
Preferred supplier of a variety of hospital furniture; including beds, food trolleys, cabinets, patient transporters, and much more.

Intravenous products
We partner with big pharma companies to bring you a variety of intravenous products.

Mobility Equipment
Strong and durable mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, rollators and electric beds.

Needles & Syringes
Quality tested needles and syringes that are used to draw fluids and deliver medicine.

Laboratory ware
Laboratory ware mostly made from glass and other high quality materials used to hold samples and solutions.

Laboratory Equipment
Durable laboratory equipment and instruments.

Gauze & Cotton Products
Gauze and cotton products that are made from fine grades of raw materials for the best comfort and strength.


We are a proud distributor of the following brands and products:


Meril Diagnostics
Meling Biomedical
Roche Diagnostics
Clinical Sciences Diagnostics

Medical Equipment

Surgical Devices
Hospital Furniture
Hospital Equipment
Surgical Consumables

and many more …

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